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Date: 2021-06-20  |  at19:24

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5 Blogging Communities You Should Join as a Blogger.

By Samuel

Every blogger's dream is to get as much traffic as possible to their blogs, not just any traffic, but organic traffics. Of course, we all know the values of traffic and the endless benefits we can really enjoy from getting unique visitors to our blog.

As a blogger, without enough traffic or visitors, your blog might just end up among countless number of other not-so-fortunate blogs that have long been forgotten in the cyberspace. But many bloggers after doing a lot, promoting on social media platforms, forums and even paid traffic sometimes still don't get visitors.

If you've done all the above and still not getting visitors, then below are some few tips you can still explore to stop your blog from it certain demise, using blogging communities. This, if used effectively, can fecth you massive traffic [also read "How to create a successful Blog"]

What's a Blogging Community?

As the name implies, it a place where you can meet and interact with people of like minds who share the same ideas. I personally belong to a community for bloggers on facebook, and it's been really good I must confess. By being a member, I've had the privilege to meet pros and also know more about blogosphere. There are many other communities, outside facebook of course, and I'm gonna share with you five blogging communities than can really help drive traffic to your blog.


Here, if you can drive enough votes for your posts, your blog can be featured on the front page of the community, sort of like 's homepage.

*. Klinkk

Klinkk is made up of many professional and newbie bloggers. Once you're a registered member, all you need is upvotes and then watch your blog get traffic/visitors.

*. Getblogtraffic

This is another community where you can get traffic. Here, you can find many blogspot shared in various categories, you also to network and promote your blog.

The other two are...
*. BlogEngage

please share this with your friends and kindly drop a word or two.
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