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Date: 2021-06-20  |  at20:43

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[Android] CameraV: Keep a captured moment Safe and Secure.

By Samuel Solomon

CameraV image

There are numerous camera apps readily available on google play store and other third-party websites for Android devices. But non can compare with CameraV when it comes to helping preserve memories and keep your captured pictures secure and private...away from unwelcomed prying eyes.

CameraV image

CameraV is a app that lets yot take pictures and make them verifiable for private and secure access. You see, capturing and sharing photos/videos is pretty easy, but there will always be people you don't want to have access to your photos or videos.

CameraV image

With CameraV, you can encrypt photos with passwords and only provide exclusive access to only those you wish to see them. The app makes use of your device's camera but turns it into a secure camera to keep your photos or even selfies safe and secured.

CameraV image

This app, developed by The Guardian Project was primarily designed for use by Journalists, activists, and people working or either find themselves in high-risk situations to gather visual evidence

You should consider getting this especially here in Naija where law enforcers always misbehave.

Click the download button below to get it from google play store.

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